Episode 7

In Preparation for Art Fairs with Alan Bamberger

In this episode of The Artist Business Plan, we sit down with art consultant, appraiser, and writer Alan Bamberger to learn about how to write about your art! He leads an amazing masterclass in how to present and curate your work so it makes sense visually and for our art buyers out there, you'll learn how to ask artists questions! A great episode to listen to in preparation for art fairs.

"The more expensive the art, the more important the resume.”- Alan Bamberger

Guest: Alan Bamberger is a consultant, advisor, appraiser and writer, and runs the website artbusiness.com. He provides complete art consulting and advisory services for artists, collectors, inheritors, and anyone else who has art-related matters they need professional input on. He is the author of "The Art of Buying Art".


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